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Find the perfect model and size that suits your needs from the wide range of Roof Top Tents available.

Choose from the lightweight Weekender series for Weekend Warrior. or get ready for every season with the Breezeway Series, easy to use and full of windows. If you’re looking at something even more extreme, explore the Walkabout Series for the ultimate experience in terms of durability and comfort. All the Roof Top Tents now come with LST Light Suppression Technology, allowing you to control the light flow in your tent, keeping you fresh in the summer with its temperature reduction of up to 20° C.

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Forward-thinking, sustainability and rugged products, all designed in Australia.

23ZERO Best Roof Top Tent

Walkabout™ 62 Queen size Roof Top Tent with Light Suppression Technology

Take an adventure with up to 3 friends with the The Walkabout™ 62 Roof Top Tent by 23Zero, hosting a 62” wide Queen Size Bed. If you want to live the roof top tent lifestyle all year round, the Walkabout 62 with its durable and waterproof polycotton material that comes equipped with our revolutionary Light Suppression Technology® is the perfect companion.

The high quality materials made to last for years and a 2 year warranty offered by 23ZERO in all the tents let you rest easy, both inside and outside.


23ZERO Best Awnings

180° Compact Peregrine Awning with Light Suppression Technology

Embrace the adventure with the Peregrine 180 Compact awning. Compactness and coverage are both provided, thanks to the tough 280 Ripstop polycotton canvas the awning is made of. Just hinge in the front and back and enjoy a massive coverage, keeping you cool and out of the rain in any of your adventures.
23ZERO awnings are made with Light Suppression Technology keeping you 20% cooler and blocking out UV rays.

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